Getting Started With the AMZ Repricer Enhanced

Before We Begin, Please Understand: Amazon is in complete control of your pricing, via the "Automate Pricing" feature they already offer. The AMZ Repricer Enhanced is a visual overlay of information on top of this, but does not physically take control of your prices. The Automate Pricing feature works independently of this tool.

*** If you have never used Amazon's Automate Pricing feature, click here to learn how to set up a rule. ***

Below is our Getting Started Guide for the AMZ Repricer Enhanced. You can start with these videos:

Our Getting Started Video:

What is Automated Pricing? by Amazon:

The AMZ Repricer Enhanced works on the Manage Pricing & Automate Pricing pages within Amazon’s Seller Central.

On the Manage Pricing page, you have the full suite of information available about each SKU’s pricing, as pictured below. You can see the AMZ Repricer Enhanced columns highlighted in yellow. This is a main hub for managing all of your pricing. And from here you can also upload your buy costs, or navigate to your individual pricing rules, as indicated below.

The Automate Pricing page is where you:

  1. Check on your Pricing Rules and the SKUs within
  2. Start/Stop your automated pricing
  3. Add/Subtract SKUs from a particular rule
  4. View listings where your minimum, maximum price is reached

Click the “[Load All]” button indicated below to display all statistics for each SKU

Our rule pictured below is called “General Strategy,” which we have set up to match the lowest FBA seller’s price.
[Click here for how to set-up a Repricing Rule]

How to upload costs:

Upload your costs via Inventory Lab export, as pictured below, or standard CSV. Seen here inside InventoryLab.com, you can navigate to your Inventory, and export all SKUS with cost information in one click.


Take the CSV file that you downloaded, and upload it to AMZ Repricer Enhanced while on your Manage Pricing page.

If you don’t have Inventory Lab, you need to create a CSV or Excel file, in the format pictured below, and upload it the same way.

Setting Up Rules In Automate Pricing

These Seller University Videos are MUST WATCH if you haven't used Amazon's repricer before:

Quick guide to setting up a rule:

In-depth guide to setting up rules, adding SKUs:

Please see our recommended rule format below for FBA Sellers matching the buy box below:

Head to the Automate Pricing homepage.

From here you can create new rules, and click in to see the SKUs that are in each rule.

Setting up each actual rule will be specific to any seller, and the subset of products. Below is an example of an FBA seller who matches the low price of sellers with the same fulfillment method.

Once you have finalized your rule, click forward to select SKUs. Highlight the ones you want to add to the rule, and click “Start Repricing” to add them.