Amazon's Native Repricer Needed An Upgrade. Now, it has one: The "AMZ Repricer Enhanced"

Amazon offers a free repricer inside their selling platform, “Seller Central.” This Google Chrome Extension helps you make faster and more informed pricing decisions using profit calculations, notes, and other information that we make easily available on the page, inside Seller Central.

Let us be clear: *This is NOT a repricer! The "AMZ Repricer Enhanced" does NOT take control of your prices, EVER. This tool is a Google Chrome Extension, that displays key information inside the free repricer in Amazon’s Seller Central. But, Amazon’s free repricer is doing 100% of the pricing changes. We never take control over your product prices.
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What exactly is the "AMZ Repricer Enhanced," in basic terms?

Selling on Amazon is very competitive - prices are always fluctuating.

Amazon sellers must compete to offer the best price to win the "Buy Box" - you know, the "Add to Cart" button that accounts for 90% of sales on Amazon. If your price is too high, you won’t be competitive, if it’s too low, you won't have much profit. The solution to this are "Repricers."

A repricer sees when competition changes their price on an Amazon listing, and will react by repricing your items according to the strategy settings you've specified.

Of course, any price changes are always done with respect to a minimum price you've provided, ensuring your items are never sold below a price you're comfortable with.

Amazon offers a free repricing tool(officially called "Automate Pricing") inside their selling platform, "Seller Central." But when it was released, it lacked some features, and many sellers chose 3rd party websites (Like Appeagle or BQool) to manage their repricing, which also come with a monthly fee.

The "AMZ Repricer Enhanced" tool is a complete visual overlay inside of Amazon's free repricer(see pictures below!). It holds your buy costs, and displays all profit information for each product, INSIDE Seller Central, so you can make smart pricing decisions quickly. You can write notes or tags for every product, for reminders or notes to/from your VA, and you can see the current "Buy Box" price without navigating to each listing.

In short, the "AMZ Repricer Enhanced" tool gives Amazon's free repricer many of the vital features of the expensive 3rd party repricers, without leaving Seller Central, and without a large monthly fee.


Displays key information in the right places so you know how the price your items accordingly.

On-Screen Profit/ROI calculations
SKU tagging and notes
Upload all buy costs quickly
Use across multiple devices (VAs too)
See Buy Box and Available Quantity
Stylized design emphasizing important data


Enhance helpful information to your manage pricing page and automate pricing page on Amazon.


Use the full extension free for 14 days. No credit card required.

$9999 /Year

Annual subscription includes all product updates and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

The "AMZ Repricer Enhanced" tool is a visual overlay on top of Amazon's Manage Pricing and Automate Pricing pages within "Seller Central", the home base for Amazon sellers.
On-screen addition of buy costs, net profit/ROI calculations, and SKU tagging give you the information necessary to make quick pricing decisions and manage pricing on an ongoing basis. Add the functionality of a 3rd party repricer without giving control of your pricing to a 3rd party.
This tool is for anyone with a Professional Selling Account with
Yes, it can be used for the same Seller Account on multiple devices. Use the same login & password, and all stored costs/tags will be available across each of the devices.
Currently this tool is only for Google Chrome.
Amazon's Automate Pricing feature is used by new and experienced sellers alike, as are 3rd Party repricers. It comes down to user preference, but if you are selling multiple products with competition on Amazon, you should be dynamically pricing. But, if you are already paying exorbitant monthly fees for a 3rd Party repricer and you're only using 1-2 rules, Amazon's Automate Pricing is a great option especially if you have AMZ Repricer Enhanced with it.
No. This tool does not require MWS keys and does not access the Amazon API on your behalf. This tool is an overlay only -- the actual pricing is automated by Amazon. On screen visuals will guide your decision but ultimately you are using Amazon’s Automate Pricing feature to physically manage your pricing.
One subscription can be used for only ONE Amazon seller account. However, your partner, Virtual Assistant or staff can use the AMZ Repricer Enhanced tool with your username and password, while logged into your Seller Central. All your tags & costs will be there.

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